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Business registration in Dannewerk

Where can you perform a business registration in the German town of Dannewerk?

The office for business registration is in the council building responsible for the district or town. In the so-called "Ordnungsamt" or the town hall This is normally the place for the registration. The particular address of the office for business registration in Dannewerk can be found in the contact data, shown below.

Registration of a business - Online, in person or by post?

It is not always needed to go in person to the office for registration. Certain offices for registration allow a postal business registration application. In this case all required paperwork has to be sent as well. These days increasingly more offices for registration offer an online registration of a business. Because a signature is needed the registration of a business can not be completely executed online. Possibly other documents also are required to be sent. Surely this is a simple possibility to carry out the registration of a business. The certificate of registration will then be mailed to your address or can be picked up from the registration office. Call the office for registration in Dannewerk to learn if this type of registration is on offer.

Documents for registration of a business in Dannewerk

  • Filled-out application
    The form can be collected from the registration office in Dannewerk. It may also be possible to download the form from the website of the registration office in Dannewerk. If the registration office in Dannewerk has a web presence this could probably be an option.
  • Identification
    In Dannewerk a photo ID is necessary for the Dannewerk business registration.
  • Residents permit
    Foreign residents will require a valid residents permit or visa.
  • Permit
  • In Dannewerk and in other places certain professions require a special permit.

Position on map of office for registration

Here are the places to register a business in Dannewerk

Gewerbemeldestelle Dannewerk
Rendsburger Str. 54c
24866 Busdorf

Tel: 04621/3890

Before you register your business in Dannewerk , please note the details on this page

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How much does the registration of a business in the German town of Dannewerk cost?

The price of registration is not the same in all locations in Germany. Normally it is between 10 and 65 Euros. Unfortunately we are not aware of the fee for business registration in Dannewerk. It would be advisable to phone the registration office in Dannewerk, to get the up-to-date price.

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